first images for the rival of the Tesla Model 3

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 could be unveiled as early as June 28 from South Korea. This is not the brand’s first sedan, but it will have strong arguments to make, especially against a Tesla Model 3.

The electric transition reshuffles all the cards, and in particular those of the choice of bodywork. At the time of all diesel, the wise three-volume sedans, minivans and even compacts gave way to SUVs so much that we had almost forgotten that there was life outside the raised models. With the all-thermal, it’s as if the manufacturers had forgotten all basic foundations of aerodynamics and efficiency, as if black gold would flow forever and at low prices. The forced march (by political decisions, and galloping inflation affecting fuels) towards electric, now forces manufacturers to revise some of their plans and opt for more fluid designs, lower and narrower cars.

If we are still waiting for technological breakthroughs in the field of batteries, the only area where manufacturers today have a real leverage to improve autonomy is aerodynamics. These forms have multiplied among electric cars: Mercedes EQXX and EQE/EQS, Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model 3 and even more modestly Hyundai Ioniq Electric. And since we are there, the Korean brand has already planned the next generation with the Ioniq 6, a slender Streamliner-style sedan that will benefit from the platform of its cousins ​​Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. Here are the first images.

Bold styling for increased range?

If the base should therefore be similar in all respects to that of a Hyundai Ioniq 5 (E-GMP platform), one data will be very different: autonomy. Lower, longer and probably narrower than the SUV/compact car, the Ioniq 6 will inevitably offer a much longer autonomy than the Ioniq 5, with an equivalent battery. Above all, this Ioniq 6 has the right to two-wheel drive (rear) or four-wheel drive, and a necessarily dense technological content. A profile similar to a BMW i4 or a Tesla Model 3 which will be its most direct rivals.

But while Tesla plays the card with a simplistic pencil stroke and a BMW has chosen to bring its i4 closer to a 4 Series, Hyundai has obviously decided to take up the theme of the Ioniq 5. Light signature with LED strips square integrated in the shield, daring lines, flag fleeing towards a stern integrating a new lights in the spoiler, the Ioniq 6 should clearly stand out from the competition. Good or bad, it will be up to you to judge during the week.

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