close to approval, Tesla not satisfied

In order to make the final adjustments, Tesla will be able to produce 2,000 Model Y bodies in Germany. A first step before the official approval of the authorities.

The long soap opera of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Germany is nearing its conclusion. After many months of waiting, factory approval for the electric car maker is looming.

The construction of the infrastructure is well advanced and is operational to start production. Only the Brandenburg environmental department has not yet approved the start of the lines. Several obstacles have stood in the way of Elon Musk’s firm since the first permit application. Tesla had however launched the construction of its factory even before having officially the right to do so. Since then, the brand has also had to deal with environmental associations which had requested a public consultation and its extension, further delaying final approval.

While waiting for the definite green light, Tesla had negotiated the authorization to launch the manufacture of 250 Model Y. This made it possible to test the viability of the production lines on this brand new site. Officials have validated Tesla’s ability to produce these 250 units, and the automaker can now manufacture 2,000. These cars will not be available for sale and will only serve as test models for both parties.

A Gigafactory still below Tesla standards

It appears that the infrastructure does not offer Tesla the quality required ex-factory. In an information note summarizing the progress of its project, the manufacturer indicated to the region that the 250 Model Y initially produced were not at the expected level. The 2,000 copies still to be produced will therefore be able to help the brand improve its tools and their operation.

The results of the ongoing tests of the system show that the necessary quality of production in connection with the above units is not achieved. Parts and bodies manufactured or assembled for system testing are of poor quality », wrote the builder.

Tesla will therefore take advantage of the 2,000 copies still to be produced to improve its production, and hopes to receive its approval at the same time. The manufacturer plans to manufacture 500 copies of its electric SUV during each of the next four weeks.

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