But what is this Tesla Model S Plaid doing in Europe?

While we are still awaiting the official arrival of the Tesla Model S on the European market, images show a copy of the ultra-sporty electric sedan circulating in Italy. With Ukrainian license plates!

Currently on our market, the Tesla range includes two models: the Model 3 compact family sedan and the Model Y family SUV, available in several versions. This Tesla range also includes two larger models with a high-end vocation, the Model S sedan and the Model X SUV. But we are still waiting for their official marketing on the Old Continent after their major restyling. Updated versions of these two models should arrive by the end of the year.

But in images relayed by the Mac4Ever site, it is indeed a copy of this Model S Plaid which has just been photographed in the streets of Milan in Italy. Even more amazing, it has Ukrainian license plates.

1022 horsepower

Recall that the Tesla Model S Plaid has a powertrain developing 1022 horsepower. It will officially be able to reach 322 km / h in top speed, even if an American copy has just peaked at 347 km / h thanks to a small electronic modification carried out by a third company.

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