Be careful, your Google Chrome extensions allow you to be tracked online

In an attempt to avoid being tracked in this way because of its footprint, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) offers a few solutions. We might as well warn you right away, we don’t find them really effective or practical.

In order to be more difficult to identify, the EFF recommends using a popular browser. But as we saw in our example, the extensions also manage to identify the version number of the browser, and since not everyone is very assiduous on the subject of updates, this technique remains limited by the fragmentation of versions.

Another tip is to disable JavaScript on one’s browser, which is needed to siphon off information. But this would lead to a strong degradation of the web experience, since many features of a plethora of sites exploit this language.

Private browsing mode can be the right compromise, but it can make it more difficult to use the browser for some users who use options like automatic form filling or who don’t want to have to manually log in to their accounts during each session.

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