Apple’s mysterious “network adapter” is revealed in photos 🆕

The mysterious “network adapter” that raised the wild hope of AirPort’s lineup return can be seen in images released by the NCC, Taiwan’s communications regulator. The American FCC had already sold the wick of the device at the end of May, at the time it was about its approval with some technical details.

In view of the pictures, there is little chance that this case is intended for sale to the general public. It is most likely a router that will be used in Apple Stores or in the manufacturer’s offices. The object, about ten centimeters long, incorporates a USB-C port and an Ethernet port at one end, and a second Ethernet port at the other.

On the spine are the words ” For Development Use Only along with the Apple logo and two QR codes that return no interesting results. According to FCC documents, the box supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC, it also has 32 GB of storage and 1.5 GB of RAM. iOS 15.5 is used as the operating system.

Apple has licensed a

Apple has licensed a “network adapter” on iOS

Update – According to a well-informed little bird, it would be the new version of a flashing tool used in Apple Stores. The current model is used in particular for the Apple TV and the HomePod mini, it is used among other things to carry out hardware diagnostics. No chance for Apple to market such a device one day!


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