Apple: why the first iPhone didn’t have the copy-paste function?

Apple has info on one of its older products. Indeed, the brand explained why the first iPhone did not have copy and paste.

Apple has some unusual news for its customers. Indeed, the apple brand explained why the first iPhone did not have the copy-paste function. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Apple answers customer questions

It is not even useful to present the brand once again. Around the world, everyone knows Apple.

And for good reason, the apple group is one of the market leaders smartphones. But, if all the fans of the brand rush each time to buy the new models, there are still questions.

Among the questions that Apple customers ask themselves, there is one that comes up often. It’s about knowing why the apple brand hasn’t not the same tip as the others phones.

Yes, because everyone knows that the brand does nothing like everyone else. But, the American giant is risking a lot by refusing the bet in place of the USB-C port.

Yes, because this is not the first time that some have asked that the chargers be universal. But, who knows, with a little time, Apple could well reconsider his choices and finally agree to do like everyone else.

That said, that’s not the question Apple customers are asking. And for good reason, some wondered why the first iPhones did not have the copy-paste option. MCE TV tells you more!

Why didn’t the first iPhone have a copy-and-paste option?

One thing is certain, nothing can stop Apple in its race for technology. And for good reason, each time the brand releases a new model, it exceeds the initial limits.

Moreover, the devices of the American giant are so powerful, that some wonder if they can not go even further. Indeed, some have wondered whether the Iphone can be used as a walkie-talkie ?

But that’s not all. And for good reason, the brand has announced that its next phone will always have the screen on. A new option that may well, prove useful for some.

Moreover, since the first Iphone, Apple has evolved well. Yes, because before copy-paste was not yet available.

If some have made knots in the brain to try to find out what were the reasons, the explanations are however more than simple. Yes, because Apple has a very short answer.

Thus, the brand just wished, “doing things right” before the delivery of the first iPhone. The former Apple engineer said he was busy working on the device’s keyboard, autocorrect and text option.

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