Apple wants to get rid of captchas with iOS 16

Not all of iOS 16’s features got a big presentation during the last WWDC opening keynote, where Apple unveiled the upcoming update to its operating system, explaining that it would to be possible to modify its wallpaper and to personalize it as never Apple had allowed it until today.

In addition to these functions presented by Apple, the Apple brand has also worked on other solutions such as “Automatic verification”. The latter should allow Apple to replace captchas. As Apple explains, this feature will send the Apple ID to a website instead of a captcha, which would waste the user’s time.

Replace captchas with the same level of security

Present on many websites, captchas are today the most reliable solution to verify the “humanity” of a user. Through this Turing test, the website can sort out robots and real users. If the first captchas were quite simple, you only had to copy distorted letters, the new ones are much more complex and people using a VPN or regularly deleting their cookies often face them.

To save them time, Apple has therefore worked with Cloudfare and Fastly, two of the largest network distributors in the world, to develop a system that is just as reliable as captchas, but does not require any action on the part of the captchas. of the user.

True to its doctrine regarding personal data, Apple ensures that this new feature does not at any time contradict Apple’s privacy rules. The latter explains that only the Apple ID will be used to prove that it is indeed a human user. No other personal data will be communicated, neither the e-mail address nor the telephone number. – Official App

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