Apple tackles Australia which wants to give users more control with iOS

The Australian regulator wants Apple to offer users more control with iOS, including pre-installed apps so everyone can choose their default apps. The regulator is also asking for a relaxation of the rules with the services.

Apple vs Australia, the fight continues

Apple responded to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), explaining that a change to its ecosystem at the level of iOS “would reduce the incentives for dynamic companies like Apple to innovate and develop new and differentiated products”. The company also believes that this would expose users to a “much less safe and private environment”.

The manufacturer adds:

Apple is surprised that the competition and consumer protection agency is prioritizing alleged competition problems, for which there is no convincing evidence of harm, over serious, clear and current damages , experienced daily by users. This is not what consumers want to see as a result of law reform — they want stronger, not weaker, protection against the illegal behavior that affects hundreds of thousands of Australians whose information is stolen every year. , defrauded, traded and exploited to their detriment.

One of the annoying points is none other than the installation of applications which is done only via the App Store. Apple defends itself on this point, considering that it is in competition with other platforms. The group refers in particular to Web Apps, namely these “applications” accessible via Safari.

Apple is in the sights of several regulators around the world regarding its closed ecosystem. In particular, there are investigations in the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Japan.

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