Apple released beta 5 of iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5, tvOS 15.5, macOS 12.4 and watchOS 8.6

Apple will already have the version of iOS 16 and the rest of the family, during internal tests. Most likely, the devices of Tim Cook and company executives will have versions with the news that many would like to know. However, for developers, the technology continues to deliver beta versions of current operating systems. Thus, beta 5 of iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5, tvOS 15.5, macOS 12.4 and watchOS 8.6 is available.

The news, as we saw two weeks ago in beta 4, is few, at least the ones you can glimpse.

iOS 15.5 Beta 5 with Eyes on iOS 16

iOS 15.5 includes minor changes. However, there have been notable updates to the Wallet app, Apple Cash, HomePod, and the App Store. Plus, as we’ve seen, Apple devices are still “under fire,” at least the Pegasus malware continues to ravage its most high-profile iPhone targets.

So, although there is no benchmark, Apple continues to improve its operating systems in terms of security.

The new iOS 15.5 beta 5 version is available to developers via an OTA update in the Settings app. users will also have these versions available for download.

Here are the details on what’s new in iOS 15.5 so far:

  • Beta 1 changes and features:
    • Wallet app updates and a handy new HomePod feature
    • iOS 15.5 includes support for apps with external purchases:
  • Beta 2 changes and features:
    • Integration of Bancomat and Bancontact entities in Apple Pay
    • Rename provided in iTunes Pass in Wallet app
  • Beta 3 changes and features:
    • The system will now block “Sensitive Locations” for memories in the Photos app.
  • Beta 4 changes and features:
  • Beta 5 changes and features:

For now, there is nothing more relevant in this version and we don’t even know when the final version will be released. But that shouldn’t go beyond the next few weeks, especially as more news is close.

Also, in other operating systems, there have been no major advances in the latest beta versions.

Apple is already planning to arrive in the beta version of iOS 16 which will be presented during the WWDC event in June.

Apple seems to align its software on the various devices to a fixed update framework. In addition to operating systems, the brand has also updated the AirTags firmware to version 1A301. I haven’t done it for a few months. It also released a firmware update for MagSafe batteries a few days ago. Also now updated AirPods headphones firmware.

So, in addition to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, HomePod, Apple Watch, all other devices are also updated with new versions.

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