Apple Music: three months subscription at €9.99

Apple Music is offering a special offer to a large number of Music app users: three months of subscription for €9.99 (which is the price of the standard plan for one month). There is no end date for this offer, but the service is pushing for crime by stating that it ” ends soon “. After three months, the standard subscription takes over, but it is always possible to cancel it.

Go to the Music app to see the promo.

Coincidence or not, this proposal comes shortly after the increase in the price of the student subscription… Since February, new subscribers only benefit from a free month of free trial, whereas it was three months before. The new offer also concerns all those who have at one time or another subscribed to Apple Music.

Remember that Apple offers six months of subscription for any purchase of AirPods, HomePod mini or certain Beats devices, but only for new subscribers.


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