Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon would lose millions of subscribers in Britain

After the big hit boost linked to containment measures, it would seem that streaming platforms -Apple Music, Spotify: Music and Podcasts and Amazon Music- are victims of a general decline in interest. According to Kantar -which masters the art of analysis and statistics- more than a million subscriptions have been canceled during the last quarter.

And the reason would be clearly announced, consumers want to save money (reason given at 37%). If we compare the same period in 2021 (yet already affected by the recession and the economic crisis), the need to save money had only been given for 33% of cancellations.

The study focuses more specifically on the United Kingdom, where subscriptions are dropping fastest among younger consumers. But this trend is not restricted to citizens of her gracious majesty. Indeed, in addition to budgetary restrictions, many also cite technical difficulties, a limited selection of music, and also too many ads (which would further impact Spotify, with its business models).

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