Apple Issues Official Warning About Fake iPhone Camera Replacements That Could Ruin Your Photos


APPLE warns users against fake iPhone camera replacements that negatively affect your photos.

Online listings market fake versions of iPhone replacements at a cheaper price, but Apple says they’ll end up doing more harm than good.



Apple warns users not to use fake iPhone camera replacements because they can interfere with the use of your cameraCredit: Getty

“If you need to replace your iPhone’s camera, it’s important that a qualified technician use genuine Apple camera parts to repair it,” the company said on its website.

Apple warns that iPhone cameras are tested to meet quality and performance standards in a way that third-party products are not.

The company recommends consulting a professional repairer with certified technicians who use genuine Apple parts, as this is the safest option.

“Repairs performed by untrained persons using non-genuine parts may affect the safety of the device or lead to malfunction or image quality issues. Apple camera parts are designed to fit the device precisely,”

These third-party repairs also carry the risk of incorrectly replaced screws that could leave loose parts and damage the phone’s battery and cause overheating or even lead to injury.

If an iPhone device detects a third-party camera part installed, the camera may not be able to focus properly.

Portrait mode won’t have the subject in focus and images won’t be as sharp.

Third-party apps that use the camera may also crash or quit unexpectedly, and previews for those apps may appear blank or get stuck.

If you think you might have a non-genuine Apple part affecting your phone, you can get your iPhone camera replaced — out of warranty — by visiting an Apple Store depending on your location.

You can also go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or ship your iPhone to an Apple Repair Center.

“Genuine Apple parts are also available for out-of-warranty repairs from independent repair providers or through self-service repair.”

Third-party cameras may cause images to be blurry and less sharp than original parts


Third-party cameras may cause images to be blurry and less sharp than original partsCredit: Getty

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