Apple is reportedly working on a MacBook Pro with a built-in charging mat

In the series of files in progress, Apple would continue to work on its MacBook Pro project equipped with a charging mat to place its iPhone (or its AirPods). The latter could even take over certain aspects of theAirPower, the charger unveiled but discontinued a few years ago. This new patent is therefore a continuation (there are more than 150 similar patents filed with the USPTO, including four on behalf of Cupertino).

Like the previous ones, it would be to use the areas on either side of the trackpad, which are only used to put your hands on it. After a brief inventory of traditional components, their resistance to shocks and scratches or their comfort in use, Cupertino looks at the materials likely to be employed.

The least we can say is that Apple does not lack imagination. She evokes a housing formed at least partially from a transparent dielectric material such as plastic, glass or ceramic material. She specifies that the latter would be completely covered with it (unibody, the return) continuously or seamlessly which can improve the look and feel of the device without having the drawbacks of some traditional designs. It then expands on the use as a side load mat with -finally- a small design.

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