Apple improves Maps in Germany and Singapore (soon in France?)

Slowly but surely, Apple continues to refine the maps of Plans, which has just benefited from a nice update in Germany and Singapore. Now the app offers more details at road level, navigation has been refined with three-dimensional landmarks, improved views of parks, buildings, airports, shopping malls. Additionally, the functionality look around is finally available.

Note that these modifications arrive after 48 days of testing, and constitute the fourteenth notable map data expansion since its public launch in September 2018. Germany and Singapore are the twelfth and thirteenth countries to benefit from these innovations and Singapore is the first country in Asia to receive them.

According to Justin O’Beirne – a great connoisseur and fan of the system, the new map data would now cover 18.4% of the Earth’s surface and 8.5% of the world’s population (i.e. 673 million people worldwide). This corresponds to a deployment over four years and nearly eight years of data collection. Good news, based on Apple’s expansion scheme, the next update should be for France and Monaco.

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