Apple falls back on Foxconn to ‘bypass’ China factory lockdowns

Confinements of production sites are increasing in Chinaand in this incredibly complicated context, Apple would still have managed to maintain particularly high order levels. If we are to believe the Financial Times, this quasi-industrial miracle would be due to a relocation of the production of Apple products… in the factories of Foxconn!

The main supplier of Apple, whose factories are currently located outside the contaminated areas, would therefore be responsible for the production of components which could no longer be ensured in the confined areas.

This diversion of production would also explain the record profit recorded by Foxconn in its first quarter of 2022. In this particular situation, Foxconn even estimates that its turnover will further increase significantly in the quarters to come. “Normally in these kinds of circumstances, we should be more careful (on the forecasts, Editor’s note)but recently our visibility has improved” said Young Liu, the boss of Foxconn. The latter also specified that Foxconn would produce more tablets and computers.

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