Apple details how its dual USB-C charger works

Following the launch of its 35W dual USB-C charger yesterday on the Apple Store (€65), Apple has published a sheet detailing how charging works when two devices are plugged in. If a Mac is plugged in with an iPhone or iPad, both devices get 17.5W of power, and that’s two even if it’s an iPhone and an iPad. If a Mac or iPhone is plugged in with an Apple Watch or AirPods, the Mac or iPhone gets 27.5W while the Apple Watch or AirPods is limited to 7.5W.

This charger can therefore lead to compromises during simultaneous recharges: Apple explains that it is possible that the Mac continues to discharge if it requires too much power when it is connected to another device. Hence the limitation to the MacBook Air, which usually comes with a 30W charger but actually requires less during light everyday use.

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