Apple definitely says goodbye to the legendary iPod and it hurts the heart

News hardware Apple definitely says goodbye to the legendary iPod and it hurts the heart

Apple has several mythical products to its credit. Whether you love or hate the brand, you have to admit it. Among them, there is one that marked a real turning point in the company’s history: the iPod. While celebrating its 20th anniversary a few months ago, the “mp3 player” that revolutionized its market bowed out for good. We tell you everything.

With the end of the iPod, a page in the history of Apple and of all tech is turned

On May 10, 2022, Apple publishes a press release that is quite touching, at least for passionate people. Inside, the apple brand recounts its particular attachment to the world of music, and therefore makes its solemn declaration: the iPod Touch ceases production.

It was the very last model of iPod still made. When the last stocks run out, there will be no new iPods on the market.

If you’re under 20, maybe this announcement doesn’t make you feel hot or cold, but it still marks something bigger. As the tech world evolves, it removes things that were revolutionary not so long ago.

When the very first iPod was launched in 2001, Apple was far from being the juggernaut of today. The company that bet everything on the Mac was not in its best shape.

With its particularly effective marketing campaign, its compact and intuitive design as well as its innovative functionalities, the iPod changed everything. Whether it’s at the level of Apple’s strategy, the financial health of the box, but also the way of conceiving the tech of the whole industry.

A few years later, there were tons of versions of the iPod, always more stylish, always more powerful. The object has become an emblem.

  • In the mid-2000s, iPods represented almost half of the income of the brand.
  • In 2007, the iPhone arrivesit’s the beginning of the end since this product is presented by Steve Jobs as “an iPod capable of telephoning and surfing the Internet”.
  • In 2014 it is the end of the good old iPod classic.
  • In 2017, the iPod shuffle and the iPod Nano, star of colleges and high schools for a time, bowed out in turn.
  • In 2022, it is therefore the iPod Touch’s turn to say goodbye. There are no new iPods left.
Apple definitely says goodbye to the legendary iPod and it hurts the heart

Why didn’t Apple discontinue the iPod sooner?

You may then be asking yourself a question: why end it only now? What was the logic of still having mp3 players on sale in 2022 in Apple Stores when no one uses them anymore?

According to our analysis, it is because of a very specific target: children.

An iPod Touch looks exactly like a good old iPhone, without certain features reserved for adults, and with a much more contained price. In 2022, this strategy makes less sense.

To watch Pat Patrouille on Netflix and have fun on early learning games, there is the iPad. To be called and geolocated without having access to social networks, there is the Apple Watch. And both products can act as an mp3 player, in particular by being connected to Apple Music or Spotify.

To bring brats into the Apple ecosystem, there are simply better solutions, so the outdated iPod can go. Anyway, his soul is still present in all the products of the apple brand.

At JVTECH, we just regret that this yet so significant goodbye was done by a discreet press release. The big iPod comes out the little doorthat’s a shame.

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