Apple attacks Google TV users, the ecological bonus would be maintained, this is the recap

An iPhone survives 10 months in water, the ecological bonus of €6,000 would be extended in France, Apple TV bans Android TV and Google TV devices, that’s the summary.

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This weekend, the news is still busy. We will quickly pass over the announcements of Xiaomi and its two new POCO F4 and GT (we will come back to this soon on the occasion of complete tests), to dwell on Android TV and Google TV users who find themselves deprived of the possibility of rent or buy content on Apple TV. As for the ecological bonus of €6,000 for any purchase of an electric car in France, it should be maintained. Finally, let’s talk about this barely believable story of an iPhone that was found intact after 10 months drifting in water. Ready for today’s recap? Let’s go, let’s go!

Apple TV bans Android TV and Google TV users

While it has always been possible to buy or rent movies from Apple TV from Google TV, this is no longer the case. Without warning, Apple removed this option on all Android TV and Google TV devices. And yet, the Apple TV app is still accessible. Only content that has already been purchased or to which you are subscribed remains visible. But why did Apple not communicate on the withdrawal of these different possibilities?

Apple TV blocks movie purchases and rentals on Android TV and Google TV

The government is playing extra time with the ecological bonus of €6,000

In theory, the ecological bonus of 6,000 euros granted by the government when buying an electric car should increase to 5,000 euros from July 1, 2022. But the government is currently considering extending it and should very soon make an announcement in that Sens. On the other hand, the other measures, and in particular those concerning hybrid vehicles, should be maintained.

Electric car: the State is considering maintaining the ecological bonus of €6,000

After 10 months in the water, this iPhone comes out unscathed

How long can an iPhone stay in water without showing signs of weakening? A man in the UK dropped his precious smartphone while canoeing and thought it was irretrievably lost. But another man did the same route 10 months later and found the iPhone in perfect working order.

He drops his iPhone in a river and finds it 10 months later in perfect condition

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