Apple and Samsung are working to include a thermometer in their next smartwatches

Future Apple and Samsung smartwatches will have a body temperature sensor, but can these wearables really replace thermometers?

Smartwatches have evolved a lot lately, becoming an essential accessory for many users, especially those who want to control and improve their health.

Currently these devices have heart rate sensors to monitor heart rate and SpO2 sensors to monitor blood oxygen levels but in the not too distant future they will also have a body temperature sensor and good proof is that the two major smartwatch manufacturers, Apple and Samsung are already working to include a thermometer in their next smartwatches.

The next smartwatches from Apple and Samsung will have a thermometer to measure body temperature.

The smartwatches of the future will allow us to know if our temperature rises

As confirmed by the media Phone Arena, the next connected watch from the Cupertino-based company, the Apple Watch Series 8 will have a sensor to measure your body temperature.

In fact, the famous leaker Ming-Chi Kuo recently posted a thread on Twitter, which we leave you below, in which he states that Apple’s idea was to include this feature in the current model, the Apple Watch Series 7, but ultimately it didn’t happen because the algorithm wasn’t good enough.

This means that if Apple has evolved this algorithm to such an extent that it is able to pass its demanding quality tests, it is highly likely that we will see the debut of the body temperature sensor in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. later this year.

For its part, according to Kuo, Samsung is also working to include a body temperature sensor in the future Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, but everything seems to indicate that the Korean giant has not yet developed its algorithm sufficiently to include it in said device and Therefore, your new smartwatch would not have this function yet.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in its new exclusive green color

All this raises a question: can smartwatches replace a thermometer?

The answer is no, at least for now, because the ability of smartwatches to measure core body temperature is limited because it is affected by various external factors such as sweat or stress and since smartwatches cannot measure this temperature. directly with their hardware, they are forced to use an algorithm to estimate this temperature.

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Therefore, temperature measurements taken with a smartwatch do not correspond to the actual body temperature, but simply give us an estimate of it. In other words, the smartwatches of the future will allow us to know if our temperature is increasing, but we must continue to use a thermometer to obtain an accurate measurement.

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