Apple Airpods 2: the last time we saw such prices was on sale!

News good plan Apple Airpods 2: the last time we saw such prices was on sale!

Amazon is currently offering a nice reduction before the sales on one of the most popular pairs of wireless headphones from the bitten apple brand: the AirPods 2. First-rate wireless headphones, their price has literally plummeted, this which made them drop below the 120€ mark. If you want to invest in Apple equipment without breaking the bank, now is the time!

Amazon has dropped the price promotions! And there, it directly concerns one of the flagship products of the firm: the AirPods 2. These have come down from their pedestal to finally be accessible for less than 120€! A fair price for these wireless headphones that make coffee and that will delight fans of the firm of the late Steve Jobs.

Buy AirPods 2 at 119€ at Amazon

Sold at a basic price of €170, these wireless headphones made in Apple quickly had the reputation of being elite, premium headphones, which hit the top of the basket in short. However, this is not exactly true.

Indeed, from a quality point of view, we could have positioned them as almost mid-range headphones. But what explains this price?

At €170, it’s mostly all the other features you’re paying for. Thus, the wireless functions and all the ergonomic aspects – which make life easier, we’re not going to hide it – tend to add a little more salt to the bill.

But, with the current reductions, we finally arrive at a balanced price that amply justifies the features and sound quality of the AirPods 2. In short, it’s time to get started, if you want to invest in Apple without breaking the bank.

The AirPods 2: earphones still as relevant even before the sales

The strength of the AirPods 2 is to have succeeded in facilitating many small things and small gestures that accompany us every time we use headphones or earphones.

Thus, removing an earpiece, tapping on it, or even taking calls is disconcertingly easy. You’ll quickly be able to take charge and forget you’re wearing AirPods 2. In short, you’ve got a top-notch hands-free kit.

On top of that, you won’t have to worry about being completely cut off from the world, since with the different modes, you can quite follow a conversation.

With this you will also benefit from compatibility with the voice assistant made in Apple: Siri.

Of course, these headphones are supplied with their boxes which ensure a very good autonomy. Thus, we can count 5 hours of continuous use, and with the 3 refills contained in the case, you will be able to enjoy it for about 15 hours.

Everything is offered at less than 120€, an excellent price for a perfect pair of headphones for your iPhone.

Buy AirPods 2 at 119€ at Amazon

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