Air Twister, from the creator of Shenmue, is coming to Apple Arcade

The new Apple Arcade game of the week is called Air Twister, an original and very interesting title which comes to fill a catalog of more than 200 games accessible in unlimited for all subscribers to the service. A great find to get the summer off to a flying start!

Air Twister shoots on sight on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade’s latest release for June is a brand new game from the company ys net from the creator of Shenmue (on the late Dreamcast), Yu Suzuki. Air Twister is a fantastic endless shooter where you play as Princess Arch fighting against invaders. To situate the title a bit, Air Twister borrows both from God Of War for its shooting and its impressive bosses, as well as from the classics of the shooter genre like Phoenix or Galaga Wars.

Here is a video presentation of Air Twister:

Air Twister bets big on its atmosphere with a fantastic world accompanied by a magnificent soundtrack by Valencia mixing rock, opera and classical music. Air Twister offers swipe-based gameplay that makes it easy to play on touchscreen. The game is also compatible with controllers and online leaderboards. This is Ys-net’s first iOS release.

Here are the features of Air Twister:

  • Make new discoveries each time you play one of the 12 levels!
  • Over 20 different Vanguard creatures will try to block your path and 10 original bosses await you to challenge them at the end of each world!
  • Collect Stars to strengthen the Princess and unlock new game modes!
  • Particularly intuitive, the touch controls make the game easy to play! You can also connect a controller for an arcade experience!
  • Compete against players from around the world in ranked game modes or for the highest score!

A very good game for Apple Arcade subscribers at €4.99 per month. Playable on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Download the game Air Twister

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