A new Siri/Apple TV remote control approaching?

The bowels of iOS 16 seem to point to an unprecedented Siri remote control, an indication of an evolution of the current, or even a new Apple TV.

Some Aaronp613 would have unearthed within the first two betas of iOS 16 several references mentioning a SiriRemote4 which could announce the arrival of a new model, and why not a new Apple TV accompanying it. Indeed, the original Siri Remote is known as SiriRemotethe second iteration with the white circle on the Menu button SiriRemote2and the latest iteration appeared in April 2021 with the Apple TV 4K SiriRemote3.

This new index supports the rumors announcing a new version of Apple TV for the second half of 2022 (according to the often knowledgeable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo). This new iteration is rumored to be more affordable, allowing Cupertino to better position itself against products from Google, Amazon or Roku (especially in the US for the latter). It remains to know the technical characteristics of such a device, which could also act as a loss leader to attract new customers to the Apple TV + subscription, the firm now betting just as much on services as on hardware.

• The Siri Remote 2021 at €64.96
• Apple TV 4K 32 GB at €199
• Apple TV 4K 128 GB at €215.90
• Apple TV HD at 159€

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