a new complaint targets another brand product!

Buitoni again in the eye of the radar, a complaint has just been filed for food poisoning. At the hospital, the victim speaks.

Here are all the details about the Buitoni food scandal: a new complaint targets another brand product!

What is E. coli bacteria?

E. coli is a bacterium which, as the World Health Organization reminds us, can cause serious foodborne illnesses. It is found in ground meat and raw milk.

In the days following contamination, abdominal cramps and diarrhea are observed which, in some cases, progress to bloody diarrhea (hemorrhagic colitis).

Fever and vomiting are also symptoms. This bacterium mainly affects the kidneys of children (hence the kidney failure suffered by some young victims). Dr. Lionel Barrand, biologist quoted by Le Parisien, does not minimize the risks since the bacterium can “have catastrophic consequences”.

Pizzas Buitoni: Indeed, specifies the WHO, the infection can evolve towards a potentially fatal form”. Strong, healthy adults usually recover after about ten days. But if some symptoms worsen, they should see a doctor in order to be treated properly. But for them, in most cases, the symptoms are those of gastro.

If the pizza affair is making headlines, it is because it is an “epidemic of the greatest magnitude”. This was stated by an epidemiologist from Public Health France on France Info. According to Le Parisien, 41 serious cases have been identified, while 34 others are currently under surveillance. A total of 75 cases have been identified in 12 regions. Two children have unfortunately died after eating a simple pizza.

Pizzas Buitoni: A new range of pizzas affected by the bacteria

Until now, it was the Fraîch’Up range that was affected by complaints and health problems. But a new range is now pointed out. Today it is the Bella Napoli range, which is still marketed by the brand.

The complaint was filed by a mother living in the Pyrénées-Orientales. She consumed a pizza from the range at the end of March, and trouble began for her.

Due to severe pain in her stomach, she went to the hospital. The analyzes are then without appeal: it is contaminated by two bacteria.

E.coli and Shigella. The doctors, obviously aware of the health scandal, asked her if she had eaten a frozen pizza recently.

Before this woman’s story, several parents told of the nightmare they are currently living.

It’s hard to believe that life can take such a turn because of simple pizzas. Aurélie, whose 4-year-old son Yatis, is in intensive care because her kidneys were no longer working.

She had bought the famous pizzas between February 28 and March 7. All his children have eaten them but it is little Yatis who is severely affected by the bacteria. The parents of Bérénice, 6, also confided in the CMR. It started with the kidneys, it went up to the heart. The kidneys no longer working, she released many toxins, which reached the neurological side.

The girl is currently in a coma after suffering from amnesia, hallucinations and two cardiac arrests. She fights to get out of it. But how can the bacteria have such harmful effects on health, especially on the kidneys?

Buitoni pizzas: Matthieu Jamme, resuscitator and nephrologist, answered this question on Twitter. He explains that “certain bacteria are able to manufacture proteins which will give them properties that increase their potential for harm”. Once ingested, the bacteria “release their toxin” in the digestive tract, before reaching the kidneys via the blood vessels.


“Once in the kidneys, the toxin will open breaches in the small arteries called capillaries. These gaps will be sealed by other cells present in the blood: platelets. Their rate will therefore drop. But this repair will be accompanied by a reduction in the caliber of the capillaries, which will occlude the vessels entirely or partially.

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