a new complaint filed against another range of Buitoni pizzas, the Bella Napoli

A new complaint was filed Wednesday in Perpignan against Buitoni and Nestlé targeting a second range of pizzas, the Bella Napoli range, franceinfo learned this Thursday from the complainant’s lawyer, Pierre Debuisson.

The complaint was filed for “unintentional injury”, “endangering the life of others” by a woman who was the victim of food poisoning which appeared on March 29, two days after eating a Buitoni pizza from the Bella Napoli range. “Poisoning with E.coli bacteria has been confirmed by medical expert reports“, says the lawyer.

This is a mother who consumed a pizza from the Bella Napoli range“, specifies his lawyer. His analyzes also revealed the presence of another batcérie, Shigella. This 34-year-old mother residing in Perpignan is “still very tired a month later“.”Her husband contacted Buitoni to ask for the removal of the pizza without getting an answer, and he contacted the food safety and health quality service, which simply said that he had transmitted the information to the ARS (regional agency of health, editor’s note)“, explains Me Debuisson, already involved in the defense of several families affected by E.Coli.

This complaint comes a few weeks after the opening of an investigation on March 22 by the Paris prosecutor’s office for “deception on goods, exhibition or sale of corrupt or falsified and harmful food products for health, placing on the market of a product harmful to health, endangering others, involuntary injury and manslaughter”.

The Fraîch’Up range of Buitoni, belonging to the Nestlé group, is targeted, while 50 cases of contamination with the E. coli bacterium had been confirmed, some of which were linked to the consumption of Buitoni pizzas.

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