a new cheaper box in Apple’s plans

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the Californian firm is currently working on the release of a new Apple TV. There would be no question of a new generation of the TV box. In fact, the analyst’s report announces an expansion of the range, with the appearance of a new entry-level model.

Finally an Apple TV at 100 euros?

Currently, if you want to equip your living room, for example, with an Apple TV to accompany your television, you have two choices:

  • Apple TV HD, at 32 GB of storage: 159 €
  • Apple TV 4K, at 32 or 64 GB of storage: €199 or €219 respectively

Under 150 euros, at this stage, there is nothing. And this is where the competition is very active. Amazon is making a splash in Europe with its Fire TV products, including the Stick, which costs less than €40, the Stick 4K, which costs less than €65 and even the Cube, which costs less than €120. Google is also strong with its Chromecasts, including the recent Chromecast with Google TV for less than €70. And then there are still other solutions, probably less popular, but just as interesting in terms of value for money, with a wide choice of third-party Android boxes, or even the Roku HDMI key.

Obviously, we don’t imagine Apple going as low as Amazon and Google on the price level. Especially since the first Apple TV product starts at €159. On the other hand, the Californian firm might have an interest in proposing a solution close to 100 €.

Apple TV+ in sight

Indeed, where the more expensive Apple TVs offer enough to enjoy films and series on 4K screens, but also to comfortably play video games, in particular via Apple Arcade, a more accessible Apple TV would allow a wider audience to enjoy interest in the home video streaming service, Apple TV+.

There was a time when the Cupertino company wanted to make Apple TV a premium alternative to home game consoles. But the finding is probably not up to the expectations and ambitions announced for the moment. Apple Arcade is struggling to convince. And playing on your Apple TV would remain a practice that is still not very widespread. Above all, Apple TV is not yet, in our opinion, related, in the imagination of users, to a game console.

On the other hand, it would be much more coherent to make it a device used to fully enjoy Apple TV+ on your television, at a lower cost, and without necessarily having the latest Apple silicon chip under the hood.

That would be just what to expect in 2022, according to the source, a Discounted Apple TVwith enough power to underpin a good experience under tvOS.

Would you be interested in such a box?

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