A look at Apple’s dual-port USB-C adapter

While Apple complains that we want to impose USB-C on its next iPhone, the same Apple is extending its collection of accessories to this standard. Announced at the same time as the M2 laptops, the new 35W dual-port USB-C adapter, sold for €65, is arriving at the first customers.

It looks like any other power adapter from Apple except for its dual output. When only one appliance or peripheral is plugged into it, it will likely receive 35W. If two products are connected, the power is distributed equally if that makes sense (17.5W on each port) or in proportion to the needs of each. An Apple Watch doesn’t need to be charged at 17.5W, so it will receive less juice than an iPad or Mac plugged in at the same time (7.5W for the watch, 27.5W for the tablet or laptop). ‘laptop).

Apple's dual-port USB-C adapter charges two devices at the same power

Apple’s dual-port USB-C adapter charges two devices at the same power

This adapter is included with one of the two base MacBook Air M2s, the more expensive one with 512 GB of SSD. The entry-level configuration makes do with a single-port 30W charger.

With 20W power adapter

Finally, you have to think about equipping yourself with a cable if those supplied with your iPhone, iPad or other devices are insufficient in number, because the adapter comes bare as a worm. And of course, the competition did not wait for Apple to offer its own accessories of the same type, there are many others, generally cheaper and/or more powerful.

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