a driver creates false evidence to justify his accident and accuse the manufacturer

In 220, a Tesla driver suffers an accident that completely destroys his car. At the time, he blames the brake system of vehicles which would have activated without reason. In fact, this bug is very well known among Tesla owners and has been the cause of many sometimes fatal accidents. But then, that’s not really what happened that day.

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For several months, the Tesla brake system has been talked about. Many drivers report having been victims of phantom braking, most often in the middle of the road. Necessarily, this bug led to multiple accidents, which sometimes cost the life of the owner of the vehicle. Also, when a Chinese driver’s Tesla starts acting strangely during his journey, he thinks directly of this famous brake problem.

It is in 2020 that the accident occurs. The driver assures his car has suddenly become ” crazy “, causing him to lose control of his vehicle. According to him, the culprit is therefore the braking system which would have activated automatically. However, after investigation by several associations, including the Wenzhou Automotive Engineering Society, it turns out that the driver lied. In reality, he pressed the accelerator instead of the brake when the situation escalated.

He blames Tesla for an accident for which he is at fault

Unmasked, the driver then wished to explain himself in a letter posted on the Weibo social network. He claims that he did not immediately remember having actually stepped on the accelerator, but that he now recognizes his mistake. He thus wishes to publicly apologize to Tesla for having tarnished his image in the eyes of the general public.

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The driver also reveals that shortly after his accident, he was contacted by several other Tesla owners, including a certain Mr Feng who put him in touch with a ” platform ” who took responsibility for filing the complaint on his behalf. He indicates that all legal costs have been borne by the latter.

In addition, a certain Mrs. Zhang would have offered him to participate in a collective complaint, like a similar initiative in the United States, but which he would have refused this time. Following a complaint from Tesla, the driver was found guilty of tampering with evidence. He was sentenced to pay 50,000 yuan (about 7,000 euros) to the company.

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