A dessert and ice cream train arrives in a Food Court Big Mamma in Paris!

By Rizhlaine F. Posted May 9, 2022 6:48 PM

For this summer in Paris, the Big Mamma group is unveiling a new concept at La Félicità: a dessert and ice cream train is now tempting sweet tooths at the heart of this gourmet Food-Court!

Notice to sweet tooththe gourmet train awaits you at Paris ! Meet at Felicitathe Food Court by Big Mamma, to discover this attractive and unusual concept. After revealing to us a Smash Burger booth last summer, this XXL spot took advantage of the summer season to reveal a ice cream and dessert train. No question of staying at the quay!

Unsurprisingly, theItaly is in the spotlight. We discover frozen recipes imagined by Mattia Macchelli and his team. We are promised here italian ice cream and sorbets without additives, homemade, made from quality raw products. The idea? Highlight the natural flavors of the products. They are found in all forms: in pots, cones or even sticks!

On the perfume side, we are spoiled with strawberry-verbena sorbets, mango-passion or lemon-basil while the ice cream reserve us a lot of greediness between the Fior di lattethe Piedmont hazelnut or the pistachio from Bronte. You can even customize your ice cream or sorbet with different toppings including homemade spread, caramel, caramelized popcorn and even pretzels.

You were also promised desserts and they are going well: the Tigramisu revisited, the Pavlova-lovathe Limonemisu (Tiramisù with lemon), the baba with red fruits and other sweets, the group’s flagship pastries invite themselves into the dance.

So, will you be the type to jump on the bandwagon?

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