A customer receives a slap from a waiter in a Brussels restaurant: “Rupture of the eardrum and broken nose”

According to the victim’s accusations, a waiter of the ‘Petit Chou de Bruxelles’, on the Place du Vieux Marché aux Grains, violently slapped him. The customer would simply have liked to eat a packet of fries on the terrace of this Brussels restaurant.

“I just got beaten up by a waiter at Le Petit Chou de Bruxelles because I very politely asked if I could eat my fries on the terrace”, says Kris Vander Stappen in Dutch on his Facebook account. “Never have I experienced such unjustified aggression, ruptured eardrum and broken nose, in my dear Brussels”.

On the side of the police, we give a more nuanced version of the incident. “The man was intoxicated when he filed the complaint. He allegedly bought fries next to the bar in question and wanted to eat them on the terrace of this bar. The waiter slapped him because he didn’t want to leave the bar. The case is now in the hands of the public prosecutor of Brussels”, says the police department of Brussels-Capital Ixelles, with our colleagues from Bruzz.

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