£768 million lawsuit against Apple in the UK

A British consumer advocate on Thursday launched a 768 million pound (nearly 900 million euros) procedure against Apple in the case of old models of iPhones that the manufacturer had admitted to having deliberately slowed down. This case has already cost him heavy compensation in several countries.

Before the Competition Appeal Tribunal in London, the defender accuses the tech giant of having reduced, with the help of updates, the performance of old models of iPhones “to avoid a recall and expensive repair of the devices“. Objective of the procedure: to compensate up to 25 million users in the United Kingdom. “In an abuse of its dominant market position, Apple misled its customers“, leading some users to update, “to pay for a replacement battery“, or even to buy a new model, denounced Justin Gutmann, British consumer advocate, in a press release sent to AFP.

Apple issued an apology in December 2017, acknowledging that it deliberately slowed down some of its iPhones to compensate for the aging of their battery and prevent them from turning off unexpectedly, however denying any attempt at planned obsolescence. Since then, the juggernaut has suffered proceedings in several countries, notably agreeing to pay in 2020 in the United States up to 500 million dollars to owners of old models, after two years of litigation, and an additional 113 million to extinguish a proceedings brought in certain US states.

In France, the group had been fined 25 million euros the same year for not having warned that updates could slow down old smartphones. “We have never done anything – and would never do anything – to intentionally shorten the life of an Apple product or degrade the user experience to further“The purchase of new products by customers, reacted the manufacturer Thursday in a statement sent to AFP. “Our goal has always been to create products that our customers love, and making iPhones last as long as possible is an important part of that.“, he argued.


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