7 Tips for Working with a PDF on an Apple Product

The PDF format has become the standard for sharing digital documents. Safe, easy to use, and widely compatible with all computer systems, it has won over the world.

Whether to send a report, fill out a form, or share images, PDF is the format chosen by both professionals and individuals.

PDF format: text and images

This format has imposed itself by the quality it offers both for text and images, as well as for the security it offers.

But it is also the possibility of combining the two (text and images) in the same file which makes the PDF format the most appropriate solution for the exchange of digital information.

However, PDF editing sometimes seems difficult… Especially for users of Apple products!

However, there is nothing very complicated. As often, when you know how to do it, it becomes obvious! That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips for working better with PDF from your iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

Edit text in PDF on Mac

You have two solutions, which we explain in detail.


Available as a free download for both Mac and iPhone and iPad, PDF Expert is the best PDF editing software available today.

To edit text, simply click on the “Text Edit” button on the toolbar, then select the text to be modified. This can then be changed at will, and all you have to do is click outside the frame for the modifications to be taken into account.


This pre-installed software on Macs is a good alternative if, for whatever reason, you cannot use PDF Expert.

However, it is more limited, and the possibilities for editing text are less.

  • Fill out a form. Just click on the corresponding box and write freely, taking care not to exceed.
  • Sign a document. In the Tools menu, you can decide to add a pre-recorded signature.
  • Add comments. The Tools menu allows you to add text, but also geometric shapes of different colors.

Edit PDF Photo on Mac

As with text, you have two tools at your disposal: PDF Expert and Preview.

Edit an image with PDF Expert

After clicking on the edit button, you need to select the “Image” button.

Then click on the photo you want to edit: you can move it, change its dimensions, rotate it, etc.

Edit a PDF image with Preview

The Tools menu of this software allows you to perform several actions:

  • Change size
  • Invert Image
  • Rotate the photo

In addition, you always have the possibility of adding comments, as for a text.

Combine multiple PDFs into a single document

Here is a very useful function, which allows you to gather all your PDF documents in a single file!

For a long time, merging several PDFs into a single document seemed impossible to ordinary mortals. However, there are simple tools that work on Windows and Android as well as on Apple products!

Delete pages from a PDF

The opposite case of the previous situation: it is sometimes necessary to delete a few pages from a PDF file.

To achieve this, all you have to do is view the document in the form of thumbnails, and select the unnecessary pages. The “Delete” button on the toolbar then allows them to be deleted.

Attention : this deletion is final once the changes to the file have been saved! It is therefore recommended to rename the new PDF so as not to lose information.

Create an interactive summary on PDF

As soon as your document starts to have more than 2 or 3 pages, an interactive summary can greatly facilitate navigation. If the number of pages exceeds twenty, then it becomes almost necessary so that your PDF can be consulted easily and that the information is not lost!

To create an interactive table of contents (or Table of Content, for those who work in English), just use the “Add a bookmark” function, available in the edit menu.

You then have the possibility of renaming each bookmark with an explicit name facilitating consultation, but also of modifying the page towards which it points.

Add hyperlink to PDF

A common mistake is to believe that protecting PDF files makes them non-interactive. In reality, it is quite possible to create fields with which the user can interact.

The best known is undoubtedly the “box to fill in” available on all forms. But the most useful is probably the hyperlink, which allows the reader to open a web page with just one click.

To add a hyperlink using PDF Expert for Mac, simply click on the “Link” button in the toolbar, select the text you want to link, and then fill in the address to which the link point.

Note : It is quite possible to create a hyperlink on an image rather than a text. The procedure is the same.

Erase sensitive data from a PDF

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove some of the information that appears on a PDF before sharing it. This has always been true with legal, financial or banking data, but, with the introduction of the GDPR, it has become mandatory for everything related to personal information.

On Mac, you can do this in two ways:

  • By directly selecting the text to be hidden, then clicking on the “Redact” button
  • By going to the search bar, then typing the text you want to delete. When it is located, you can click on the same button as before.

Why Edit PDF on Mac?

Some may question the usefulness of editing PDF documents when there are many editable file formats.

The creation of documents, which is done using specialized software from which the final result is converted into PDF, should not be confused with the editing of the final document.

PDF editing tools are not word processors or spreadsheets or graphics editing tools. Their objective is to perfect the layout of the final document.

Moreover, editing a PDF is also very useful when the starting work document is already in PDF format. This avoids wasting time converting it to an editable format, at the risk of losing information in the process, and then returning to PDF format.

Now you have all the information you need to edit your PDFs on any Apple product. Whether you own a Mac, or prefer iPhones and iPads, all the tools are at your disposal to work like a pro.

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