110 additional channels and over 1000 movies for free

Freebox Pop, mini 4K and Apple TV: 110 additional channels and more than 1000 films for free

The ad-supported video-on-demand platform Pluto TV now offers 110 free channels in France.

If your box’s TV package is not enough for you, expand the catalog of accessible content with the Pluto TV application, available on the Freebox Pop, mini 4K and on Apple TV. Launched in February 2021, Paramount Global’s platform has almost tripled the number of channels available in the space of 15 months, reaching a total of 110 thematic channels of all genres today. Two South American news feeds are appearing this week, namely Chilevision Noticias (channel 310) and Telefe Noticias (channel 315). Note that a channel dedicated to the MacGyver series is preparing to experience its first hours next week.

As a reminder, Pluto TV now offers nearly 1,000 films and series on demand on all media, smartphone, tablet, computers, Android TV players such as Freebox Pop and mini 4K or even Apple TV. Its access has recently been extended to Playstation 4, but also to XBOX and a PC application has also been launched. It is not necessary to create an account to access all of the more than 80 channels available on this platform, which has met with some success, accumulating at the end of the first quarter of 2022 nearly 68 million users worldwide.

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